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S (h52. 5) disorders of accommodation internal ophthalmoplegia [edit] h53-h54. 9 visual disturbances and blindness (h53. 0) amblyopia (lazy eye) — poor or blurry vision due to either no transmission or poor transmission of the visual image to the brain (h53. 0) leber's congenital amaurosis — genetic disorder; appears at birth, characterised by sluggish or no pupillary responses (h53. 1, h53. 4) scotoma (blind spot) — an area impairment of vision surrounded by a field of relatively well-preserved vision. See also anopsia. (h53. 5) color blindness — the inability to perceive differences between some or all colors that other people can distinguish (h53. buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra online without script viagra online without prescription buy generic viagra generic viagra by mail generic viagra online buy viagra buy viagra online 5) achromatopsia / maskun — a low cone count or lack of function in cone cells (h53. 6) nyctalopia (nightblindness) — a condition making it difficult or impossible to see in the dark (h54) blindness — the brain does not receive optical information, through various causes (h54/b73) river blindness — blindness caused by long-term infection by a parasitic worm (rare in western societies) (h54. 9) micropthalmia/coloboma — a disconnection between the optic nerve and the brain and/or spinal cord [edit] h55-h59 other disorders of eye and adnexa (h57. 9) red eye — conjunctiva appears red typically due to illness or injury (h58. 0) argyll robertson pupil — small, unequal, irregularly shaped pupils [edit] other codes the following are not classified as diseases of the eye and adnexa (h00-h59) by the world health organization: [2] (b36. 1) keratomycosis — fungal infection of the cornea (e50. 6-e50. 7) xerophthalmia — dry eyes, caused by vitamin a deficiency (q13. 1) aniridia — a rare congenital eye condition leading to underdevelopment or even absence of the iris of the eye [edit] see also corneal dystrophies in human corrective lenses lists of diseases list of eye surgeries list of systemic diseases with ocular manifestations ophthalmology [edit] notes please see the references section below for the complete listing of information. ^ a b c d world health organization icd-10 codes: diseases of the eye and adnexa (h00-h59). [1]. Retrieved 2010-07-28. ^ international statistical classification of diseases and related health problems. 10th revision. Version for 2007. [2] [edit] references who icd-10 — chapter vii diseases of the eye and adnexa (h00-h59) vision problems - comprehensive list of eye problems v t e pathology: medical conditions and icd code (disease / disorder / illness, syndrome / sequence, symptom / sign, injury, etc. ) (a/b, 001–139) infectious disease/infection: bacterial disease (g+, g-) â· virus disease â· parasitic disease (protozoan infection, helminthiasis, ectoparasitic infestation) â· mycosis â· zoonosis (c/d, 140–239 & 279–289) cancer (c00–d48, 140–239) tumor myeloid hematologic (d50–d77, 280–289) anemia â· coagulopathy lymphoid immune (d80–d89, 279) immunodeficiency â· immunoproliferative disorder â· hypersensit.
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