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[? ]subscribe to this site about us mum's story skin cancer types basal cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma melanoma melanoma stages melanoma research skin cancer causes skin cancer signs prevent skin cancer sunscreen facts clinical trials alternative therapy contact us blog privacy policy sitemap skin cancer is on the increase... How to find the most effective ways to reduce the risk of skin cancer my name is amanda and i decided to produce this website after my mother survived malignant melanoma twice. Other members of my family had developed squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma and i was told that my irish fair skin placed me at an extremely high risk of developing a melanoma especially if i had suffered sunburn as a child. Having spent many months researching this subject for my own peace of mind, i was shocked at the high level of ambiguous information made available for the public - especially on the internet. online pharmacy buy viagra from india cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra buy viagra generic buy viagra buy viagra online buy generic viagra Through this ambiguity, i and many other members of the public, have been led to believe that the cause of malignant skin growths was solely uv radiation. The culprit being from overexposure to either sunlight (causing sunburn), or from overuse and incorrect use of tanning beds. I believed, if somewhat naively, that after many years of sunbathing, there was an elevated risk of developing a skin lesion, i. E. A mole changing in appearance which may eventually develop into a malignant melanoma and possibly prove fatal. I have brought together all the information i have researched and produced this website to raise awareness that reducing the risk of skin cancer is not simply a case of wearing a sunblock. About the team at skincancer-survivor. Com who is behind skincancer-survivor. Com and what qualifies them to publish information on skin cancer? Is a cancerous mole the only cause of melanoma? A cancerous mole isn't the only cause of malignant melanoma. According to research, although rare, it may develop on a scar site or areas of long-term ulceration. It also happened to my mother. Types of skin cancer what exactly is skin cancer and what are the differences between the types of skin can. .